Best Price Guarantee

Here’s the deal. At PetProject.HK & LifeProject.HK, we want you to know that you are getting the best, absolute, most awesome prices on the best pet products on the web.* If you do happen to find one of our products being sold at a lower price on a local competitor website, just contact customer service at help@lifeproject.co, include a link to the page with the product and price and we will adjust your order to reflect the lower price. We will also honor this price guarantee within 30 days from the day that your order was placed, with a refund as store credit for the amount of the difference, even if the product has already been delivered. So there won’t be any last minute slapping of the forehead when you think you’ve found something cheaper and it’s just too late. We’re serious about this!

PetProject.HK & LifeProject.HK are proud to sell only top quality, genuine products. In order to ensure that we supply the best products available in Hong Kong, we source our selection of food, treats, toys and accessories only from authorised official Hong Kong agents and distributors of these international brands. Some of our competitors sell 'Grey Market' items, or products that come through an unauthorized distributor or have expired. These tend to be less expensive, but can be dangerous for your pet, since the origin and ingredients are unclear. In order to keep the quality of our products high, we will only be able to match prices with online shops that source their products from the same official distributors. We promise that our products are the real deal- and are sold at the best prices online in Hong Kong!

If you have received a discount or a promotion, we will consider the best price after adjusting for the discount.

*This guarantee applies only to online competitor websites in Hong Kong.  This guarantee does not apply to physical shops. That’s a whole other set of mathematics!