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Share More, Save More

You know how you love to tell your friends about your awesome discoveries? Well, we really want you to tell them about us and we're willing to pay you to do it! For each friend that you refer who makes a purchase, we'll credit $50 to your account. It's super easy, just fill out the form here and start sharing the love.


How It Works

1. Pick a pet loving friend (or 2, or 3)
2. Fill out this amazingly easy form to let them know about your love for
3. We send them an email with a $30 discount to entice them to make a purchase
4. They visit PetProject.HK and make a purchase, using the name and email you provided to us
5. Once the purchase is shipped, we credit your account with $50


A Few Rules ( we can't have chaos):

1. You need to refer someone other than yourself, their order needs to ship to a different address than yours. They also need to have a different name, phone and email than yours :-)
2. We can't give the credit until the person you have referred actually makes a purchase- so please be patient


So that's it! You can refer as many people as you want and the credit can really add up, so don't forget to make us known to everyone you know!

Start Here!


If you have any questions or are wondering where your referral credit is, you can always contact us on 3008 5650 or