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1 What's your shipping policy?

Good question! Our general rule for delivery is that it's free for purchases over $300 to Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories, but Hong Kong is a big place, so we have special rules for you lucky laddies who live on one of the islands or in a more remote destination. Please click here to see our full delivery policy and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Also, Carol is willing to be bribed to hook you up, so keep that in mind when you're speaking with her ;-)

2 What's your return policy?

We would love to have a hard and fast return policy that is rock solid, but in our line of work, that's pretty difficult. Basically, we want to make sure that the items you purchase are exactly what you want, so if you are unhappy with what you got, you can return it at any time, however, this is where it get's a little trickier...

3 What's your refund policy?

If you cancel your order before it's shipped, we'll refund 100% of your money, no questions asked. Once the item is delivered to you, we will refund the product price to you in the form of store credit. So, if you purchased a bag of dog food, but your pooch isn't biting, you can send it back and we'll refund the full amount to your account. This way, you can cruise back over to the site and pick up something that you know she will love. If you received the wrong item from us, first of all, we really apologize, secondly, we'll cover the return costs and send you the correct item asap. Don't forget, you only have 30 days to get in touch with us about your problem, so if you don't realize that there's an issue until day 40, we'll try to help, but no promises.

4 I signed up for a birthday gift for my pet, where is it?

We love the birthday gift for your pet programme, but we have a few simple criteria that you need to meet before we send your pet something awesome for their big day. You must have made at least one purchase from PetProject.HK in the last six months and you need to fill out our form to let us know when their birthday is. Actually, that's it, not too bad, so if you signed up and are a current customer and still didn't get your gift, just give us a quick shout out and we'll look into it post haste!

5 I referred a friend, where is my $50?

First of all, thanks for telling your friends about us! We're really flattered that you care enough to pass us on. We did promise you $50 credited to your account and that's what we're going to do, but first, we need to check on a few things. Did your friend make a purchase from us? Is your friend someone who lives at a different address than you? Is your friend a new customer? If you answered yes to all of these questions, then we owe you some credit! If you've been waiting a while, get in touch and we'll get it sorted out for you.

6 What are Paw Points and how do I use them?

Paw Points are our way of telling you that we really, really appreciate your continued business. It works like this- if you're a registered customer (with a PetProject.HK account) when you make a purchase, we reward you with points based on the amount you spent. Each $100 you spend at PetProject.HK earns you 1 Paw Points, each Paw Point is worth $1. So, if you spend $500, we give you 10 Paw Points worth $10 on your next purchase. Paw Points can really add up and last 180 days. They're also easy to use, if you have any Paw Points in your account, you will see them as you check out next time. See the full breakdown here.

7 What's up with this discount code you sent me?

We love giving you guys extra reasons to shop with us and Discount Codes are our way of telling you that we really appreciate your business. We'll send out codes for holidays, promotions or just because we feel like it. You never know when you'll get one, but when you do, treasure it- it's a precious gift. You can redeem your code in the shopping cart area of the website. Just input the code as you see it, click apply and watch the magic happen. If you have any questions, or if your code isn't working, give us a call and we'll straighten you out.