MicrocynAH Wound and Skin Care (All Animal)

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MicrocynAH Wound & Skin Care (8 oz)

MicrocynAH® is a family of advanced animal healthcare products that are safe to use on all animals, no matter the species or age.

It is formulated with the patented Microcyn® Technology, with 13 FDA and 20 CE approvals, over 10 million creatures treated, and proven safe, stable and effective on both humans and animals.

Its special formulation uses hypochlorous acid (HOCl), the active ingredient naturally produced in the body to combat infections and is a chemical signal for the body to promote wound healing.

It is the ONLY animal wound treatment line of products formulated with the original Microcyn® Technology. No other brand of similar product (including Vetericyn+) currently uses this technology in their formulation.

The ONLY animal miracle water you can trust
10CE , 15 USA FDA approvals , Veterinarian Recommended , USA GMP Pharmaceutical Factory

3 in 1 Microcyn® Technology

1. Can be used daily for disinfection purposes:

100% natural formulation used to prevent infections, reduce itchiness and redness.
- Disinfecting of pet cages
- Disinfecting cat litter boxes
- Disinfecting of pet toys and utensils
- Disinfecting hands for preventing the spread of infectious diseases
- Disinfecting the rest place of reptiles
- Disinfecting the saddle
- Preventing the spread of disease

2. Sterilization

Killing 99.999% of bacteria, virus and fungi within 30 seconds* without harming healthy tissue. Safe if licked or ingested.

3. Mode of Action

MicrocynAH® mimics the animal’s own immune system, the main ingredient in MicrocynAH® is Hypochlorous Acid which is naturally produced in the body to combat infections and also a chemical signal for the body to promote wound healing.
The combination of increased oxygen and reduced inflammation contributes to enhanced wound healing environment.

MicrocynAH® animal product line is used to substitute saline, iodine, hydrogen peroxide, no stinging and anti-biotic free.

Use on hot spots, Fungal infections, Ringworm, Ulcers, Rashes, Animal Acne, wounds, skin irritations. Reduces Itchiness, promotes skin healing and fur growth. Can also be used as a daily eye/ear cleanser to wipe eyes and ears, and used to clean paws after walks. Safe to use in and around eyes, ears, nose, mouth. Safe if licked or ingested.

Directions For USE

1. Shake well before use. Saturate the affected area with MicrocynAH®. No rinsing is necessary.

2. Repeat 3-4 times per day until skin is healed.

*Store in its original container at room temperature away from direct sunlight and heat. Do not freeze.

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