It all started with an idea...

One thing we learned pretty quickly: there are a lot of pets in Hong Kong, but there’s not so much space and even less time. No space for us to build a shop, that’s for sure, and not much time for you to go shopping in it either!

But there is the internet, and we do all love our pets. So with this in mind it was a very short cyber-leap for us to realise the best thing we could do was pack our metaphorical bags and get online.

Now from HK cyberspace to the real world outside we’re committed to being the best pet service in town, with the best products, treats and toys, including a fine selection of natural and organic goods, personalised customer service, a reassuringly simple ordering system and, oh yes, the best prices on the web.*

And because we’re customers too, we’ve put in an easy returns system and free shipping for orders over $300. So now there’s no need to dread carrying those heavy bags of food all the way home.

That’s us in a nutshell. All that’s left now is for you to give us a try! And in the time you’ve saved yourself by ordering online, we humbly request that you go and give your pet a great big hug**. After all, they’re the reason you’re here.

*If we do ever happen to let you down in any way then please, please, please pull us up on it. This is how we become better every day!

** Unless it’s a snake, a bird, or a goldfish of course...



Woof! I’m Dufus, and even though my human doesn’t know it, I’m the brains behind this (ad)venture.

You see, Hong Kong is great for us pets. There’s so much going on, so many things to look at and smell, so many things to bark at, and outside there’s the hills to run and jump around and the sea to bound in too. But when it comes to getting hold of my food and stuff, too much of my precious playtime is taken up with the humdrum business of human life. Or at least it used to be....



Dufus is right! The time that could have been spent scratching behind his ears (or working, having a candlelight dinner with the wife, going out for drinks with friends!) was taken up going to the pet store and lugging heavy bags of dog food around. With our family’s busy work schedule and irregular hours we never had the easiest time trying to get hold of all the things he – and we – needed. Sometimes all the products weren’t in the same shop; sometimes they were out of stock. And it got me thinking: if I can get everything else I need online these days, why can’t I shop for the four legged member of my family?

In this way PetProject.HK was born. I left my job in the wine industry and dedicated myself to opening a business that would bring pet lovers into the 21st century, with a commitment to the same kind of efficient, honest and friendly service you’d expect anywhere else in the modern world.

Every day we’re working hard to make you and your pets happy, by providing the best products, at the best prices, and the best customer service experience in Hong Kong. With this in mind, if you have any problems with our website or service, would like us to stock any particular brands or products, have any suggestions or would just like to send over a cute pic of your pet, please feel free to email me directly at nishant@petproject.hk. I appreciate any and all feedback.


Hong Kong's Hottest Team

What makes PetProject.HK Hong Kong’s best online shopping experience? We could go for the easy answers- our great prices, amazing service and easy return policy, but we know better than that. The thing that separates PetProject.HK from the rest of the pet pretenders out there is our people. We aren’t ashamed to admit that we have the best staff of any ecommerce website in HK and we’ll prove it- give us a call today and chat with an amazing member of our team. We have varying degrees of knowledge and expertise, so whether you need a food recommendation for your pooch or have a question about underwater basket weaving, we’re experts.



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